Azure Lucky Dragon Charm [Luck Catcher]

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Dipped under Buddha's Tears (Sacred Chinese Waters) on The Mogao Grottoes, China. And Dried under the morning sun.

After which is infused with the "100-Day Prayer" while submerged under Crystal salt and blessed by Tibetan high priests.

Moreover, this specific charm is modeled by "Azor Ah Hai" the dragon deity of wealth & prosperity. If anything will bring you good luck. It's this

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- It's made from 100% pure azure stone and 24K gold materials - fused together to help capture zhù hǎo yùn (Good luck) from nature and transfer it to the life of the owner.

- It's inspired by Loong  "Azor Ah Hai" - the Chinese deity of prosperity and good fortune. Giving tribute to the said dragon will please the deity and grant it's owner the fortune beyond their wildest dreams.

- The miniature Bagua is no joke - it's been crafted and infused together with the two powerful stones in order to create one of our most powerful good fortune and luck magnet charm. Together with the blessings of the Hieromonk - its incantations are beyond powerful - Expect mountains of blessings with this.

    And wait there's more...

    [More than what a lucky rabbit foot can give]


    1. (1) Azure Lucky Dragon Charm

    2. (1) FREE Ultimate Wish Granting Bag

    3. (1) FREE Trinity Gold Coin of Protection

    4. (1) FREE Fortune Wish Paper



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