Wealth Magnet Money Bag Necklace Charm

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Dipped under Buddha's Tears (Sacred Chinese Waters) on The Mogao Grottoes, China. And Dried under the morning sun.

After which is prayed and blessed by an elder Hieromonk - one of the only people in the world who can infuse good karma & chakra in inanimate objects. 

These necklaces are made from 100% pure 24K gold, hand-crafted by only the best weavers in Main Land China.

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- Like a dream catcher, except it catches opportunities for wealth to manifest in your life. It's charged with the mantra of "Fùyǒu Xìngyùn"  (Riches and fortune) ensuring that the holder will receive an abundance of wealth and blessings.

- The money bag amulet acts as storage for all the good energy and positive riches around you, it gathers those and stores them to later infuse them into the life of the owner - from there they will experience a sudden windfall of luck, blessings, and instant happiness.

- When the owner is in an unhappy situation, the money bag can sense their spiritual struggle and it releases the stored positive energy in the form of sudden bursts of luck, timely blessings, and unpredictable gifts.

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    1. (1) Wealth Magnet Money Bag Necklace Charm

    2. (1) FREE Ultimate Wish Granting Bag

    3. (1) FREE Trinity Gold Coin of Protection

    4. (1) FREE Fortune Wish Paper



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